When things go wrong, it happens in a moment. TikkR protection is designed to protect you in every moment where things could go wrong — by combining multiple insurance covers into a single seamless shield of protection.

Each kind of moment has a custom blend of covers, depending on what you are doing during that moment, and what needs protecting.

And while things go wrong in just a moment, the duration of a TikkR cover covers your activity from start to finish – whether you’re on your daily commute, skiing the Alps with friends, flying with family to vacation paradise, or pumping iron during your daily workout.

So you get to control the duration, the sum insured, and the covers you want, at an affordable price.

Daily Commute — example 1

During your daily commute, the two things at risk are you personally (accident or other issue), as well as your personal gear (e.g. phone, laptop, headphones).

Commute Moment Protection = 0,40€ /hour *
• Accident Insurance – Up to € 25,000
• Life Insurance – Up to € 50,000
• Personal gear – Up to € 400

* Indicative prices; the insured amounts are also customizable

SPORTS – example 2

When skiing, skateboarding, playing football, or whichever sport that gets your blood moving, the two things at risk are your person (accident or other issue), as well as your sports gear (e.g. skis, skateboard, tennis rackets, etc).

Sports Moment Protection = 1€  /hour*
• Accident Insurance – Up to € 45,000
• Life Insurance – Up to € 600,000
• Things you are carrying – Up to € 300

* Indicative prices; the insured amounts are also customizable


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His career includes consulting to the world’s largest financial companies at Bain & Company. Lead product development at Discovery Insurance: Vitality with a focus on customer acquisition, retention and entrepreneurship where he raised $2.5 M. He started his career as an actuary and has consistently applied analytics to decision making. He is highly credentialed with an MBA from IE Business School and a Bachelor of Science with honors in Actuarial Science and Advanced Mathematics of Finance.

Chintan Dhanji


Arun has always chosen the entrepreneurial path starting with his own experimental B2C SaaS startup helping gamers around the world achieve better connectivity, a successful venture that honed his technical and product skills while giving him a taste of the business world. The logical next step was to join an enterprise B2B cloud security startup as co-founder, where he started with the tech side but quickly began playing a critical role in strategy, marketing, and business development. This experience has given him a hunger for globally scalable businesses with strong partnership potential and tight technology fundamentals. He graduated with a Masters in Mathematics & Computing from IIT Kanpur, the premier Indian engineering university.

Arun R


Hitesh is an engineer by degree, a strategist by nature and a business professional by experience. Hitesh has been in the space of entrepreneurship since 2010 collaborating with various startups with sweat and equity. One of the most successful investments is iGT (i global tracking) from Norway, myIArts, Tutr, and a couple of failures too. Hitesh has spent 16 years driving multi-million dollar solutions across multiple Fortune 500 companies Ericsson, GE, Vodafone, Capgemini, L&T, PwC and implementing new systems from an engineering, architectural, and consultant capacity across industries in finance, telecom and retail. He is highly credentialed with an MBA from IE Business School and a Bachelor of Technology with honors in Electronics from National Institute of Technology – India.

Hitesh Saini

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